What We Do

Dyed, printed and yarn dyed fabrics made to order as well as in-stock fabric for fast delivery

Large Apparel Manufacturer

Need fast delivery to make garment samples or fabric made to order

Small Manufacturer

Need quality fabrics at competitive prices for production runs in the USA or abroad

Local Fabric & Quilt Shops

Maintain small and replenishable inventories for a large number of cloths

Private Label

Looking for reliable supplier of quality contract and custom fabric printing

Home decor

Needing quality fabrics quickly but don't want to maintain large inventories



Our mission is to create and supply an outstanding product for our customers through our in-depth knowledge of the entire fabric production process. Our involvement includes all aspects of the development and production process: from concept to the delivery of the finished product. Our knowledge of fabric construction and production processes throughout the world is exceptional with an emphasis of those used throughout Asia.
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